Houston podiatrist discusses bunion surgery on both feetMany people who suffer with a bunion on one foot often have a bunion on their other foot too. Surgery to correct a bunion requires a significant investment in time. It makes sense, then, to have both feet operated on at the same time. While some doctors may agree with this convenience, I and many of my colleagues typically recommend against it.

Bunion surgery requires a surgical fracture made in the bone. Although stable, this fracture can worsen with excess pressure. After surgery, we need to limit swelling by keeping your foot elevated. There is also a dressing on your foot that needs to stay clean and dry for several weeks after your surgery.

While its relatively simple to care for one foot after surgery, it is exponentially more difficult to do the same for both feet at the same time. It is for this reason that I strongly recommend AGAINST doing both bunion surgeries at the same time. What sometimes happens is you end up with one excellent result and the other subpar? Wouldn't you rather two stellar results?

If you are having pain from the bunions on your feet, don't wait to have them checked! Treating bunions early can dictate if you need surgery and how limited you will be suring your recovery. Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for an immediate appointment.

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